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About me

I am a chemist and biologist. I worked for many years in the environmental field and as an Open University tutor. I am also an avid crime reader.

I turned from science to crime when I attended Crimefest in Bristol, in 2016. I found the crime writing community open and friendly so I resolved to use my knowledge of science to help authors get scientific details correct. I have advised a number of leading crime writers on scientific topics. In 2019 my website metamorphosed into the book Crime Writing: How to Write the Science.

In the same year, I won a competition, run by the Facebook group Crime Fiction Coach, to find the best opening line for a crime novel. I then had no option but to write the book to go with that line! The result was Fatal Trade, to be published on 14th September 2021 by Hobeck Books. Fatal Beginnings, a free novella introducing some of the characters, is available at

Several of my short stories are published in the Writers in Stone anthology Cuckoo.





Fatal Trade is my first crime thriller featuring DC Mel Cotton.

Glasgow, 1999

Reaching the point of no return, Martina is ready to make her move. After years of being the victim, it’s now time to turn the tables.

Mexton, 2019

The small grey-haired woman grimaced as she entered the police station, dragging a tartan shopping trolley containing her husband’s head.

‘What are you useless buggers going to do about this?’

DC Melanie Cotton’s fledgling career is about to take an interesting turn. Recently transferred to CID, Mel is excited by this disturbing case – her first murder investigation as a detective.

She’s determined to make her mark.

But, as she discovers, there’s far more to this case than a gruesome killing and Mel’s skills and courage are about to tested to the limit.

Fatal Trade will be published on 14th September by Hobeck Books as an ebook and paperback. The ebook is available to pre-order at amazon. The paperback ISBN is 978-1-913793-39-5


"I was hooked by the second page"

"...a dark, spine-chilling thriller"

"Brutally compelling with brave, hard-hitting realism realism"

"A great debut novel"

"One of the best police procedurals I've read this year"

"A fast-paced book with plenty of action. A clear 5* from me"

Comments from the Hobeck Advanced Readers Team



An essential guide for crime writers on the scientific aspects of crime, including poisons, firearms, body disposal, fires & explosions and DNA. Crime readers find it fascinating, too. Published by Studymates, it's available, as a paperback, from all bookshops, Waterstones online and at amazon

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A free e-book novella introducing some of the characters in Fatal Trade. Sign up at for your copy



Some of my short stories appear in this anthology from the Weston-super-Mare writers' group Writers in Stone. Available at amazon


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